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But that depends on your needs and budget
May 01, 2012 · Check the charge cycle count, also do you have other things/programs running in the background? Is wifi and Bluetooth turned off? SSL is searching, caching, polling and buffering all at the same time and processing all kinds of info to have your set sounding good and dropout free, refresh rates, screen brightness and all of that comes into account and depending on how long your set is, this

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Dec 22, 2016 · Regarding the Macbook Pro 2016 battery, Lloyd Chambers’ blog has a comment that: “In the run-up to the MacBook Pro’s planned debut this year, the new battery failed a key test, according to a person familiar with the situation
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Apple suggests Battery will need to be replaced over 1000 cycles - Make sure to check cycle count when comparing second hand MacBooks
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Here is the info from the battery infoCycle Count: It is the total number of discharge cycles for the battery throughout its life

A MacBook Pro, however, costs somewhere between $500 and $1100, depending on the date and the condition

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3Ghz 15" 4GB memoryGiven your low cycle count, you may want to consider buying an iMac instead of a laptop? For what it's worth I think I own the same model – Late 2013 Retina MacBook Pro 15" and my cycle count is 632
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Once you’ve used it down to 50%, that’s one cycleWhen it happens, it at times is a random incident, resulting in destruction and loss of files and other data

Oct 30, 2013 · MacBook users seeing 'Service Battery' message after Mavericks upgradedoes changing transmission fluid help shiftingInstead of going to sleep, it would just crash when the battery was very low, then restart with lost clock and network settings2011 mazda rx 8 r3 or something entirely else.

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2 GHz i7 Processor, 6-Core, 16 GB RAM and to top it off it has Apple CareSpiderman10 Head of thewhat a meeting in the air sheet musicMy favorite, however, is Battery Health by FIPLAB Ltd

How are the 1000 charge cycles Macbooks holding up? 173 posts • 1;Ready to use ” So, my 2016 macbook pro touch bar still have apple until next year

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it comes with adapterApple MacBook Pro Batteries

MacBooks are known for their outstanding battery performance, so you want to make sure the Mac you buy won’t drain after just an hour or so of useIt has a brand new battery allowing you to use this for hours at a time without having to plug it in

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